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1. Terms

HRCraft GmbH (hereinafter “HRCraft”) is the operator of the website accessible under (hereinafter “Website” or “Platform”) and the staff recruitment services provided there (hereinafter “Service”). The goal of HRCraft is to match and bring together potential candidates (hereinafter “Candidate” or “Applicant”) with potential employers (hereinafter “Employer” or “Customer”). These General Terms and Conditions shall exclusively apply to the entire business relation between HRCraft and the Candidate or the Employer (both individually referred to as a “User” and collectively the “Users”) on the Website including the future business relation, and, if applicable, any supplementary written agreements (including by e-mail) concluded between HRCraft and the User.

Users and HRCraft are hereinafter collectively referred to as “Parties”.

HRCraft hereby expressly rejects any conflicting or deviating terms and conditions of the User. They shall not be part of the Agreement, unless and insofar as HRCraft has expressly confirmed their application in writing. The same shall apply if the Customer’s terms and conditions include additional provisions beyond the content of these General Terms and Conditions.

2. Limitations

HRCraft shall be entitled to change these General Terms and Conditions for the entire existing and future business relation with the User with effect for the future upon a respective written notification. Such change shall be deemed approved and becomes integral part of the Agreement, unless the User has forwarded its objection by post or e-mail within 4 (four) weeks (“Objection Period”) after having received such notification of change. This consequence will be pointed out separately by HRCraft to the User at the moment of notification. If the User objects within the Objection Period, the Parties may extraordinarily terminate the Agreement pursuant to section 8.

Should the User not give its full approval to these General Terms and Conditions, making use of the Website and/or benefiting from the Service shall be prohibited.

3. Revisions and Errata

HRCraft offers the Customer the possibility to look for job opportunities or seek Candidates in a fast and transparent way.

The use of the Website and the Service is free of charge for the Candidates; Employers have to bear costs only when the Employer either (i) has booked a certain price model for the use of the HRCraft Suite (Plus, Premium or Unlimited) or (ii) has signed an individual agreement for the use of HRCraft’s Recruitment Services.

 Minors (natural persons under the age of 18 years) are not permitted to use the Platform or the Service.

HRCraft shall have the right to offer the Service to any person, including such persons who are potential competitors to the Customer. Any protection against competitors is excluded.

4. Site Terms of Use Modifications

HRCraft reserves the right not to enter into agreements on the use of the Platform with individual persons or companies, in particular competitors of HRCraft, and to refuse these interested parties the use of the Service and of those parts of the Platform requiring a registration.

Any interaction between Users on the Platform happens at the Users’ own risk and responsibility. HRCraft is not obliged to monitor the interaction of Users. HRCraft shall not assume any liability for breaches of rights or duties by Users that may be the result of an interaction between the Users. Nonetheless, all Users undertake to comply with applicable law within the Platform.