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Recruitment agency in Toronto


Toronto recruitment agencies

Toronto, a city that offers as many options as it does neighbourhoods, is the Canadian headquarters for Robert Half, the largest and most specialized staffing company in the world. We can provide remote and on-site staffing solutions. Our staffing specialists can help companies of any size and type find qualified consultants, contractors, temporary or full-time workers through our multiple offices in the Greater Toronto Area, Burlington, Kitchener-Waterloo and Burlington. Employers can get personalized service from our recruitment agencies. We use matching technology that uses decades of placement data to find the right candidates.

Toronto-based recruitment agency

Our Toronto-based recruitment agency was established in 2004. Over the past decade, our job recruiters have implemented precisely what our candidates and clients want globally: local specialization. Our Toronto recruiters will provide every candidate and client with a local specialist consultant. This not only gives us an advantage in our market, but also allows us to add value to your job search or career.

Consultants are experts in their field. These are the specialist divisions we focus on:

  • Banks and financial services
  • Digital and ecommerce
  • Engineering and manufacturing
  • Accounting and finance
  • Supply chain and procurement
  • Construction and property
  • Marketing and sales
  • Technology

Toronto Job Recruiters

Michael Page is committed to creating a work environment that encourages employee retention and satisfaction through the combination of company culture, working conditions, and employee satisfaction. They are not paid commissions and work salaried. Because they are not paid based on whether or no placements are made, this allows Toronto’s recruitment consultants to build long-lasting relationships with candidates and clients.

Our Toronto recruiters work closely with you to learn about your company and find the best candidate for the job. Sometimes, this may include helping to refine the job description or international searches. We love exceeding expectations and delivering results for our clients.

Methodology for Toronto Job Recruitment

After gaining a deep understanding of the client’s specific recruitment requirements, Toronto recruitment consultants create a customized recruitment solution. This may include advertising, targeted search/headhunting, and searching our candidate database. To ensure you have the best possible candidates, we maintain a large candidate database and invest heavily in it. Our Toronto recruitment consultants are supported by a dedicated team of researchers who can network in the market to find the best candidates to fill any search.

Are you looking for a job opportunity? Are you looking to hire top talent?

Toronto’s top-rated IT Staffing Agency is here!

We are a specialist staffing agency that focuses on IT and non-IT positions in the financial, technology, and project domains. You will be amazed at how much we are loved by both our clients and job seekers!

Our financial recruiters are able to help you fill many roles.

Many businesses find it difficult and time-consuming to find the right people for their jobs. A recruitment agency can make it easier to find qualified candidates. The Mason Group’s financial and banking recruiters in Toronto have years of experience and are experts in the field. They also know the Greater Toronto Area’s employment market inside out.

Our financial and banking recruiters are well-versed in the specific skills required to fill various roles. Our recruiters can filter out candidates and narrow down the pool to the best people for the most difficult positions.

We understand that not all companies are the same. Every company and every mandate is different. We provide the expert, personalized, and informed assistance you need for your permanent and contract search for full-time, part time, or project-based positions.

Why should you choose us?

The Mason Group is deeply rooted in Toronto’s financial and banking industry. They are able to quickly connect you with skilled finance professionals who can help you build a strong workforce, as well as take your company forward. Let us help you find the right candidates for your company.

Our financial recruiters are able to help you navigate the search process with a consultative approach. We take the time to get acquainted with your company and its culture, unlike most bank recruiters in the Greater Toronto Area. It is crucial to understand both culture and business in order to find the perfect match for your company. We then search the market to find the best match for each mandate.

Bank and financial services recruitment experts

Our bank and financial recruiters have many years of experience. They have successfully placed qualified finance and banking candidates at all levels of companies, from start-ups up to Fortune 500s.

Professional Recruitment: The Better Choice

With our proprietary database and extensive marketing investments, we are uniquely positioned to provide you with the best talent in the market. We are available at any time to help you ensure your program’s success.

Best Staffing Agencies in Toronto (Ontario)

The Best Of Staffing award was won by the top Toronto staffing agencies. They received at least 50% Net Promoter(r), score, which indicates that they offer exceptional service to job seekers and their Toronto staffing clients.

Search Hrcraft to find a Toronto employment agency that can help you find temporary, permanent or contract work. Hrcraft also helps you locate a Toronto employment agency that can provide the staffing services your company needs. Hrcraft will help you find Toronto staffing agencies that are skilled in technology, healthcare and industrial.

Top Choice in IT Staffing in Toronto

Motion Recruitment, Toronto’s premier IT staffing company, can help your career or business grow. We help tech professionals find new challenges and opportunities. Additionally, we work with hiring managers in filling critical positions with the best tech talent.

An employment agency that provides expert Canadian workforce solutions.

Hrcraft supports the Canadian process, energy and infrastructure jobs markets for more than 15 years. We have been supporting growing clients in IT, mining, and renewable energy over the past few years.

We have locations in the following areas and can provide workforce solutions for projects across the country.

  • Calgary, Alberta
  • St John’s in Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Toronto, Ontario
  • London, Ontario

Toronto’s top recruitment agency

Hrcraft’s offices in Toronto, Oakville, and Mississauga will provide exceptional services to clients and candidates to meet their unique business needs. Our teams have more than 20 years of experience in executive search and recruitment. They are skilled in a range of areas including accounting and finance, agriculture, business products and services, construction, financial services and insurance, manufacturing and industrial, oil & gas, mine and energy, pharmaceutical and medical, professional services, public sector and not for profit; real estate; retail and consumer goods; technology; transportation, logistics and supply chain.

Hrcraft’s broad experience is crucial in a market such as Toronto. Toronto was once a major port. It has been a hub for commerce, but it has also served as a financial center and an industrial hub. Toronto is home to all of these industries, so there’s no single industry that dominates the economy. Hrcraft is a top-rated area agency that recruits in the most competitive and chaotic areas.


Hrcraft Personnel is a Canadian-owned and operated Recruitment agency in Toronto that has been in business for more than 40 years. They help businesses find the right people to help them grow. Candidates and businesses can use our help to reach their full potential.


For more than 40 years, Hrcraft has built strong working relationships with businesses in a wide range of fields. Through a wide network of people who have been checked out, we can connect growing businesses with qualified job candidates. People who work for Hrcraft are known for their first-class service, their ability to find the best people, and their focus on the customer. We want to do research that is thoughtful and specific, and we want to use good business ethics to get good results. Our consultants have a lot of contacts, so we can always find qualified candidates for any job you need.


  • Application-based skills testing
  • In-depth screening process – attitude and motivation, loyalty and work ethic
  • Professional reference checks
  • Criminal and credit checks
  • Confidential interview facilities


Hrcraft recruiters in Toronto can help you turn your love of working with people into a job. If you are looking for a long-term job or a short-term job, Hrcraft Personnel can help you get to know some of the most well-known and respected businesses in Ontario. We work with our candidates to help them find jobs that match their skills and companies that match their values and career goals.


Hrcraft has evolved over the years into a diverse and comprehensive recruitment organization with sourcing and placement capabilities in the following fields:

  • Administration and Operations
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Banking and Investment Management
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Real Estate and Property Management
  • Professional Services

Recruitment agency in Toronto

In a city with as many options as neighbourhoods, Toronto is the home of Hrcraft, the world’s first and largest specialised recruitment agency in Toronto. People who work from home or on the job can help. There are a lot of recruitment offices in the Greater Toronto Area, Burlington and Kitchener-Waterloo, so businesses of all sizes rely on our staffing experts to help them find skilled temporary, full-time, or consultant workers. Our recruitment agencies offer personalised service and use matching technology that uses data from decades of placements to help businesses find people who have the skills they need.

Find your next job now

If you’re looking for a job—a great job—we can help you get in the door at some incredible companies. Need to hire good people? We know thousands. Let us introduce you to each other. No matter where you are, we can help you.

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  •  Accounting & finance
  •  Call centre & customer service
  •  Engineering
  •  Healthcare & science
  •  Hospitality & events
  •  Human resources
  •  Industrial & manufacturing
  •  Information technology
  •  Marketing
  •  Office, clerical & administrative
  •  Professional & executive
  •  Retail & sales
  •  Skilled trades
  •  Transportation
  •  Warehousing


  • Toronto,
  • Ontario
  • Montréal,
  • Quebec
  • Vancouver
  • British Columbia
  • Calgary
  • Alberta
  • Milton
  • Hamilton
  • Brampton
  • Etobicoke
  • Concord
  • Woodbridge
  • St Thomas
  • Guelph
  • Newmarket
  • Vaughan

Find Top Talent with the Top Toronto Employment Agency

When you need to hire the best people in Ontario for your company, look for an employment agency that has experts who know how to help you. As one of the best employment agencies in the GTA for more than 20 years, Hrcraft is one of the best places to look for jobs in Toronto. Since 2000, we at Hrcraft have helped businesses, including Fortune 500 companies, find the people they need to work for them. When we specialise in and find you the best staffing solutions, we make it easier for you to get things done.

Wonder why we’re trusted by so many businesses – small, medium or large? We’ll tell you.

At Hrcraft, our goal is to help our clients find the best jobs. With a head office in downtown Toronto, we’re one of the best places to find jobs in Toronto. It’s important to us that we spend extra time getting to know you and your business. Our services have won a lot of awards, making us the top choice for jobs in Brampton, Mississauga, the Toronto Area, and other cities in Ontario.

Find the Right Person for the Right Role with Our Recruitment Agency

Find the best employee takes time and a good screening process, but first, we listen to your needs very carefully and make sure we know what you want. When we have found the right people for your job, we start the process of getting them to work for you. Before you can hire someone, we have to go through all of the resumes that people send in to see which ones are good enough for you to choose from. As a head-hunting agency, we can also do a first round of interviews and then send the person over to you for more work.

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