Umair Zia

MMA Candidate - Queens University.
$15 / hour
June 9, 1996

About Candidate

I am a strategic, contextual and deliberative thinker and problem solver, I can break down complex problems into multiple components, model them and solve them with various tools and technologies. I have significant experience in MS Office Suite, including word, excel and ppt. I possess considerable organizational and management-related skills, with particular emphasis on leadership, communication, clarification, conflict-resolution and consolidation of various sources of information to create a cohesive whole.

I am a Smith MMA student studying Management Analytics and performing in high-performance business teams since April 2022. I have performed numerous presentations and participated in various meetings selling analytics models and methodologies to a variety of business professionals with different goals. I am able to convince and sell our teams models at a success rate of 85%, hence showing my superbly effective communication skills with a variety of stakeholders that are often single-minded in purpose. Also during the program, I have organized and managed my team efficiently to help develop successful mathematical models, with a success rate of 95%, by scheduling and organizing group meetings, group chats, sending and responding to emails in a timely and professional manner. Thus I am perfectly capable of managing my time in a group of seasoned business professionals often working in very time-restricted environments.

I also possess significant experience understanding, evaluating, and translating complicated legal/financial documents into simplified summaries. During my time at Petroleum Exploration Limited (PEL) in 2021, I was tasked with reading upon various documents and extracting actionable insights from them, such as: Petroleum Agreements, Correspondences between Govt officials and Company Execs, Petroleum Contracts and financial forms. My ability to create meaningful and informative summaries helped reduce workload of senior executives by around 20 hours per week, hence greatly boosting company productivity. Also thanks to my email and letter crafting capability under tight deadlines, numerous ongoing pending cases for the company were fast-tracked that otherwise were left in bureaucratic limbo. I was also able to detect certain trends in pattern of responses by the Government to maximize the probability of getting an accurate response (success rate of 90%) and also suggested areas of improvement such as new email templates with different sentence structures to maximize interest and engagement of the reader.


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